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Welcome to Advanced Movement Training of Atlanta, where you learn how to move efficiently, gracefully, and comfortably. Using Feldenkrais® movement education and outside-the-box physical therapy, our goal is to help you live as full and agile a life as possible.  With Sandi Goldring, PT, Feldenkrais Practitioner, you can achieve a higher level of performance and pleasure in all your physical activities.

Move Well, Feel Well, Do Well.

In practice for over 14 years, we've worked with many people who have tried the mainstream, traditional, medical approach for their condition; but for a variety of reasons, it just hasn't worked.  With Advanced Movement Training, a majority of those clients have rapidly found relief and improved function, even after their traditional treatments have failed!  We have shown people of all ages how to quickly and easily overcome all sorts of difficulties; and we can show you, too.

How Feldenkrais Works

We work with you one-on-one, in a private, comfortable, focused setting at our office in Sandy Springs, Atlanta, Georgia.  Every session is tailored to your individual needs.  The often remarkable improvements you achieve don't wear off when you leave our office, but instead immediately show up in your daily activities.  Learn more about Feldenkrais and outside-the-box physical therapy.

Who Can Benefit?

  • Athletes with pain, injury, or performance issues
  • Anyone who's already had therapy or ongoing treatment without success.
  • Office workers with nagging back, neck, or shoulder pain, or headaches
  • Visual and performance artists
  • Seniors with balance difficulties
  • Children with developmental delays/clumsy child syndrome


We count Sandi Goldring's Feldenkrais work as part of the miracle that led to our son's emergence from balance and coordination difficulties.

In a mere seven sessions our son reached our goal of being able to hop, skip, and balance on one foot.   A year later, as an 8 year old, he competed in his first adventure bicycle race.

Laura Lee Alonso
Ellijay, GA

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