Feldenkrais in Atlanta

Do You Feel Like:

  • You live with pain, injury, or dysfunction that just won’t get better no matter what you do?
  • You can’t improve at a sport or exercise, even with coaching?
  • Routine activities that used to be easy somehow have become physically challenging?

Try Something Truly Different!

Using the Feldenkrais Method® (pronounced fel‘-den-krice), we guide you into learning how to move well and feel well. Your activities spontaneously become a lot easier, and discomfort disappears.

You make quick progress. And because you actually learn your way into improvement, the results last!


Gentle Lessons, Powerful Results.

  • To focus on your individual issues, we use Functional Integration® (FI).  We work with you one-on-one, in a relaxing, distraction-free setting. You rapidly transcend habitual limitations, feeling lighter, more comfortable, and graceful.
  • There are also group Awareness Through Movement ® (ATM) classes. Over time, you learn how to perform all your activities with greater ease and freedom.


Next Steps:

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Feldenkrais Method®, Feldenkrais®, Functional Integration®, and Awareness Through Movement® are trademarks registered by the Feldenkrais Guild of North America.

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