Feldenkrais in Atlanta

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Do You Feel Like:

You live with pain, injury, or dysfunction that hasn’t healed, despite lots of treatment?

You just can’t perform a sport or exercise better, even with coaching?

Routine activities that used to be easy somehow have become physically challenging?


We Can Help.

Whether you’re trying to enhance athletic performance, accomplish daily activities with greater ease and comfort, or regain function after injury or surgery, what you’re really talking about is improving the way you move.

With Sandi Goldring, PT, Feldenkrais® Practitioner, you can rapidly feel better and achieve a higher level of performance in all your physical activities.  We’ve taught people of all ages, with diverse orthopedic and neurological difficulties, how to find improved function and relief – even after other approaches have failed!

Solve The Problem… Not Just The Symptoms!

Other approaches use techniques that either rehearse rote patterns (e.g. “tuck your chin and pull your shoulders back” as elements of good posture), impose changes on specific tissues (e.g. stretching/strengthening exercises, manipulation) or just mask painful symptoms (e.g. medication, ice.)  All of these approaches require a lot of repetition, and frequently, the results are temporary.

By contrast, with us you gently learn to harmonize with your innate structure.  Using the Feldenkrais Method® of movement education, when you sense how your bones, joints, and muscles can work optimally, pain, weakness, stiffness, and poor coordination tend to disappear.  Through this learning process, you regain control over troublesome limitations.  Best of all, the often remarkable gains you make in our office show up in your daily life right away.  And just like learning to ride a bike, the results last!

We Focus On Your Individual Needs.

Conveniently located in Sandy Springs, GA, we work with you one-on-one, in a comfortable, private setting.  Each hour-long session incorporates verbal and tactile instruction that leads you to experience yourself in a new way.  You learn how to move and carry yourself naturally, easily, and fluidly. 

Next Steps…

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