Experience A Different Physical Therapy

If you’ve ever had physical therapy (PT), when you visit our Sandy Springs office, you’ll notice a few things missing. You won’t see:

  • Gym equipment,
  • Parallel bars,
  • Electrical stimulation or ultrasound machines,
  • Thick, colorful rubber bands, tape, weights, ropes, or pulleys.

Most importantly, there won’t be other people in the clinic creating distractions or competing for your therapist’s attention.

Other PTs aim at lessening your symptoms and achieving objectively measurable improvement. We go farther. We strive to make sure you kinesthetically understand what creates your problem, guide you into solving it, and teach you what you need to know to avoid the same difficulty in the future.

Our goal for you is simple: we want you to feel better, do better, and stay better.

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Our treatment philosophy is also simple: if something’s good for you a couple times a week in our office, then it’s probably great for you every day outside our office. If you require a home exercise program, we’ll focus your sessions not on how much exercise you perform or how long you do it, but rather how well you do it so that you succeed when you’re on your own.

If gym-based exercise is what you need, we’ll meet you at your health club to set up your program. If you require an electrical stimulation machine, weights, etc., we’ll point you towards inexpensive equipment and make sure you know how to use it beneficially. If manual therapy works best for you, sometimes we’ll even teach you how to perform a clinical technique on your own.

In short, instead of trying to repair you as though you were a car in need of a mechanic, we empower you to meaningfully participate in your own healing and effortlessly incorporate what’s healthful into your daily routine.

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